Wellfleet Town Media

Wellfleet Town Media records board and committee meetings and provides information to Wellfleet citizens about issues, services, programs, activities, and events involving or affecting local government and the community. Wellfleet's public access programs are broadcast 24/7 on Channel 18, with the most recent Selectboard video shown daily at 7am, 1pm, and 7pm. All programs are available on Video on Demand and on the Wellfleet Town Media YouTube channel, which provides closed captioning. DVDs of any program can be requested and picked up at the front desk of the Wellfleet Library. 

Informational slides run between programming on Channel 18. Anyone can fill out a form to create an informational slide for a nonprofit event, organization, or announcement relevant to the Wellfleet community. Please see the links on the left for resources. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mia Baumgarten Media Operations Manager