Local Housing Partnership


An appointed Town Committee with the goals of increasing the Town's involvement in housing, fund-raising, working with the Park Service and promoting community awareness. The members include: Sharon Rule-Agger, Co-chair, Gary Sorkin, Co-chair, Judy Taylor, Sharon Inger (ZBA), and John Cumbler.

A group of at least seven (7) members that will work in coordination with the Wellfleet Housing Authority to promote, provide and maintain affordable housing.  The members shall include at least one member of the Housing Authority, one member each from the Open Space Committee, the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals and other members from the community at large.  Assistance from staff shall include the Inspector of Buildings, the Health and Conservation Agent(s) and the Assistant Town Administrator/Town Planner.  As members of the community, the Town staff may choose to be appointed as citizens in their own right.  The Board of Selectmen shall be the appointing authority.

The Partnership’s task shall include but not be limited to:

  1. Evaluation of properties that might serve for housing, using established criteria.
  2. Recommendation of such properties in a timely manner to the Housing Authority and the Board of Selectmen.
  3. Drafting and submitting an action plan to the Town and to the Department of Housing and Community Development for approval.  Keeping it current with State requirements.
  4. Outreach.  Organize community participation and education.  Promote and publicize events and needs.
  5. Assess the impact of local bylaws and regulations on Affordable Housing and bring such assessment to the attention of local boards and committees.
  6. Draft bylaws and regulations to promote housing opportunities in harmony with local environmental conditions.
  7. Assessment of local housing needs including a Town-wide survey and other surveys as needed.
  8. Investigate with the Cape Cod National Seashore for possible land swaps, use of Park owned housing stock, etc.
  9. Look for grants and other sources of funding for affordable housing.


NameTitle / AffiliationTerm
Barbara Knapp



Sharon Rule-Agger



Madeline Entel



Anne Suggs



Judy Taylor



Gary Sorkin


Alfred Pickard, Jr.

Planning Brd

John Cumbler

Open Space

Sharon Inger