Mayo Creek Restoration Committee

An ad hoc Mayo Creek Restoration Committee is established for the following purposes:

  • To identify the benefits and drawbacks to the Town resulting from the restoration of the Mayo Creek salt marshes;

  • To plan, permit and execute necessary tests and verifications in support of restoration planning;

  • To engage with the public and abutters to address benefits and concerns;

  • To prepare and submit a restoration plan for Board of Selectmen approval ; and

  • To fund the restoration planning without use of Town funds;

The committee shall have a life of three years. There shall be five members, of three years terms each. The members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen upon a recommendation from the Comprehensive Waste-Water Planning Committee, Natural Resources Advisory Board, Conservation Commission, Shellfish Advisory Board and Marina Advisory Committee.  Administrative liaison will be provided by the Town Conservation Agent.


Walter Baron

Marina Advisory Board nominee


John Portnoy

Conservation Commission nominee


Shellfish Advisory Board nominee


John Riehl

Narural Resource Advisory Board nominee


Patrick Winslow

Comprehensive Wastewater Planning Commitee nominee