Bylaw Committee

STM 1982, Art. 13 [voted]

Voted to authorize the Selectmen to appoint a committee to review and update the present Town By-Laws of the Town of Wellfleet.

ATM 1985 [voted]

Moderator be directed to appoint a committee of three instructed to review the general Town bylaws in a series of public hearings and to present to the next annual town meeting an article or articles to effect such deletions, additions, or modifications as it recommends.

ATM 2000, Art. 28 [voted]

To see if the town will vote to establish a Wellfleet Bylaw Committee of three (3) members, to be appointed by the Town Moderator and to serve alternating three (3) year terms beginning at the expiration of the terms of the current ad hoc Bylaw Committee members. The committee is instructed to make recommendations to the Town Meetings on proposed bylaws or bylaw changes regarding appropriateness of content, applicability, conflicts with existing bylaws, rules or regulations, and for adherence to the Wellfleet Town Charter. (by petition)Note: Charter supersedes any previous action


Dawn Rickman


ATM 2025

Lizanne Stansell


ATM 2026

Sam Pickard


ATM 2024