Shellfish Permit Information & Fees

***The Shellfish Department will be practicing social distancing of six feet between people, which means that we will ask you to move away as we inspect your catch.***

You must have your current year shellfish license with you.

2024 Recreational Shellfishing Permit Fees  

Annual  Permits (Jan.1-Dec. 31)

Resident or Taxpayer      $70.00

Resident or Taxpayer over 65 years old   $30.00

Nonresident or Nontaxpayer       $220.00

Massachusetts Resident Veteran Permit*              $70.00

Massachusetts Resident Veteran Permit over 65 years old *         $30.00

Town of Wellfleet Employee        $70.00

Town of Wellfleet Employee over 65 years old    $30.00

Seasonal Noncommercial Permits (June 1 – Sept. 30)

Resident or Taxpayer      $50.00

Non-resident or Non-taxpayer    $95.00

Massachusetts Resident Veteran Permit*              $50.00

Town of Wellfleet employee        $50.00

Replacement Fee (for all categories)       $ 30.00

*To enjoy the Massachusetts Veteran Discount, applicants must provide:

1. A Massachusetts license bearing the Veteran seal,

2. A Massachusetts license and a DD-214 form

3. A Massachusetts license and a Veteran ID card issued by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

2024 Commercial Shellfishing Permit Fees (on sale Dec. 1, 2023 – Jan. 31, 2024 ONLY)

Resident              $310.00

Senior Resident (65 years or older)           $60.00

Junior Resident  (14-16 years old)             $110.00

Eel Permit           $3.00

Replacement Fee (for all categories)        20.00


*Wellfleet residents and taxpayers must provide proof of residency or real estate tax bill at time of purchase.

* Commonwealth of Massachusetts veterans are entitled to resident permit rates for recreational shellfishing permits upon showing their Veteran’s ID card.