Shellfish Permit Information & Fees

***The Shellfish Department will be practicing social distancing of six feet between people, which means that we will ask you to move away as we inspect your catch.***

2020 Shellfish Permits are available for purchase

Recreational shellfishing permits will still be issued, but through the mail.

Download the recreational shellfishing application from the Recreational Shellfishing page of our website and mail it in with your proof of residency and supporting documents, a check and a self- addressed, stamped envelope. Types of permits and rates are below.  Please make check out to "Town of Wellfleet"

It will be mailed back to you, so plan ahead. You may not shellfish without a 2020 permit. Also, ask Shellfish Dept. staff for a free three-inch oyster ring. We have them in our trucks.

Application is here:

Questions: (508)-349-0325

Current status of shellfishing areas

Indian Neck Recreational area:

Everyday - October 1 to May 31

Sunday and Wednesday only - June 1 to September 30

Chipman's Cove:

Opens the last Sunday in October through April 30th (30 minutes after sunset)

Blackfish Creek and Lieutenant Island:

Everyday - October 1 to May 31

Closed to recreational harvest - June 1 to September 30

You must have your current year shellfish license with you.

2020 Wellfleet Shellfish Permit Fees         

Annual Resident*                                             $60.00

Seasonal Resident*                                          $40.00

Annual Senior Resident (age 65+)*               $20.00

Annual Non Resident                                       $210.00

Seasonal Non Resident                                    $85.00

Commercial                                                       $310.00

Junior Commercial (ages 14-16)                    $110.00

Senior Commercial (age 65+)                         $60.00

Commercial Eel                                                 $3.00

Replacement fee for all licenses:                   $10.00

Annual Shellfish Permit Dates:                       Jan 1-Dec 31          

Seasonal Shellfish Permit Dates:                   June 1-Sept 30     

*Wellfleet residents and taxpayers must provide proof of residency or real estate tax bill at time of purchase.