Maurice's Campground Working Group


The Wellfleet Selectboard has created a working group to examine the proposed purchase of Maurice’s Campground with the focus on using the property to create affordable and community housing. While the Selectboard has signed a purchase and sale agreement for this 21.25 acre property, questions remain that will need to be answered before voters go to Special Town Meeting on September 10. A group of stakeholders, committee members and members of Town departments has been formed to discuss questions about financing, infrastructure, and keeping the public informed Meetings are open to the public, filmed and posted on the Town website.

Maurice’s Working Group has been organized by Ryan Curley, chair of the Wellfleet Selectboard with assistance from Kathleen Nagle, a local realtor with Kinlin Grover Realty. Kathleen is a member of the Wellfleet Municipal Affordable Housing Trust and is working pro bono at no cost to the town or profit to herself. “We couldn’t have done this without Kathleen’s knowledge of real estate and the many, many hours she has devoted to this cause over the last year. The Town owes her a big thank you!” states Gary Sorkin, Chair of the Local Housing Partnership and member of the Housing Trust.

Part of the agreement with the sellers, the Gauthier brothers, includes running parts of the campground for 6 years to allow long-term seasonal residents of the campground, both vacationers and summer workers, to devise other plans. This will also allow the town to bring in some income during the long time required to study all possibilities and move forward on those that voters approve.

Subgroups of the Working Group include:

  • A group experienced in looking at buildings and infrastructure to determine what will be required to keep it all operational for the required six years and what may be of use after that.
  • A group specifically looking at septic issues that currently exist and what the possibilities are in the short and especially in the long term;
  • A finance group of subject matter experts looking at how the finances of the purchase might be structured and managed over the long term;
  • An operations group investigating the nuts and bolts of operating the campground and potentially the store. This includes considering the possibility of leasing operations to a professional firm for management and how this may factor into finances;
  • A communications group with the goal of keeping the voters and other stakeholders informed and up to date.

The Working Group hopes to anticipate and respond to every question and address contingencies that may arise between now and the Special Town Meeting. “We are really hoping to move this forward in an open and transparent way with maximum community support.” States Sharon Rule-Agger of the Local Housing Partnership and the Housing Trust. A Wellfleet Forum presentation is planned for later in the summer. Questions and comments can be emailed to where they will be responded to and added to the extensive FAQs already posted there. Information and questions will also be posted on Wellfleet Community Space Facebook page

After Special Town Meeting in September, if the Voters approve the purchase, a Planning Committee will be formed to study how the property can best be used to meet the needs of the community.


Curt Felix
Elaine McIlroy
Farrukh Najmi
Gary Sorkin
Heather Doyle
Jay Norton
James Hood
John A. Wolf
Kathleen Nagle
Lara Henry
Michael DeVasto
Nancy Najmi
Roland Blair
Ryan Curley
Sarah Pechukas Slivka
Sharon Rule-Agger
Susan Spear
Joan Zukas