Open Space Committee Meeting - Virtual -

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 17, 2023 - 4:30pm

Open Space Committee Meeting

January 17, 2023 at 4:30 pm

Zoom Meeting
This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom Video Conference, in accordance with the temporary suspension and enhancement of the Open Meeting Law requirements by Governor Baker. Instructions for a Zoom video conference meeting, which also allows phone dial-in, are given below.
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Welcome/ Introductions

Public Comment  

Corrections to agenda / Adopt agenda

Approve minutes of December meeting  



  • Chair – Bruce Hurter
  • Vice Chair – John Grieb


Standing Assignments

  • Property Management – Fred Streams/Bruce Hurter
  • Trail Guides – Lynn Southey
  • Community Outreach– Peggy Sagan

 Liaison Reports

  • WCT – Bruce Hurter
  • Friends of the Herring River – Lynn Southey
  • Housing Partnership – John Grieb
  • CPC – Fred Streams
  • NRAB – Tom Slack


Old Business

  • With subcommittee, review status of 5 Year Plan, and Open Space Survey Update
  • Titles on properties in Cons Com Care, update                                                   
  • Review access issues. Are there projects in which to become involved?


Properties for consideration

  • Map 29 - 400 and 505 to CCC; Map 36 parcels 288, 289; Easement on Agger property 41-178.1 and easement on path to Chipman’s Cove Map 28 parcels 25 or 26.     
  • Placement of Map 42 – 125, 126 ,127 and 132 to Cons Com.
  • Update OSC involvement in plans for Maurice’s Campground.

 Discussion of process about acceptance of Conservation properties without the need of TM approval.

New Business

Yearly OSC Review.

Discuss expansion of role in care of properties under Cons Com care, for example removal of invasives. Review potential AmeriCorp involvement in assessment.             

Discussion of the CPC approved Open Space Trust, Cons Com input and SB    response.         

Next meeting date TBD