Historical Commission

Event Date: 
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 5:00pm

Wellfleet Public Library meeting rm. 55 West Main st.

Introductions and Announcements

1.  220 Main Street, #2 Stiles project: Install 3 double hung windows 6/1 full divided light, replace 

     existing triangle window in kind, replace trim 


2.  Historic Preservation Plan



           a)  Lunch + Learn Workshop on Historic Paint Colors review and future collaborations

b) Discuss contribution to Preservation Hall for use of space and kitchen 

    (Community Preservation Act account)

c) Reimbursement request for sandwiches and coffee expenses Historical Commission

    account (not CPA account)

d) 2018 contract and 2019 contract bid update, Form B historic buildings inventory

           e)  Review/proofread 2018 Form Bs from Eric Dray

           f)  2020 Community Preservation application review, Wellfleet Historical Society & Museum



3.  Compliance Issues, revise Guidelines and Application form


Reports:      - Minutes      - Treasury Report       - Correspondence



Future Concerns: Alternate members



Next meeting: DEC 4