Personal Property Tax

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Understanding Personal Property Tax

Massachusetts law requires that towns assess a tax on residential furniture and fixtures and on commercial furniture, machinery & inventory.

Residential personal property is valued at 1% of the house assessment.

There are exemptions to this tax if your Wellfleet house is your domicile (primary residence) or is rented unfurnished.  Proof of domicile includes voter registration, town street listing, address listed on income tax forms.

It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to notify the town if this tax has been incorrectly assessed by applying for an abatement.  The deadline for filing abatement applications is 30 days after the fall bill is mailed (state law).  That date is printed on the tax bills.  Contact Assessing Dept (508) 349-0304 to obtain an application.

If your mortgage company pays your real estate taxes, please note that they will not pay the personal property tax for you.  The taxpayer must pay personal property tax directly.