Historical Commission

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Mission Statement

"For the preservation, protection and development of the historical or archeological assets of the Town of Wellfleet."

The Historical Commission was established by Town Meeting vote in 1986 under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8D.  One of the Commission's major responsibilities is to recommend to the Board of Selectmen and Massachusetts Historical Commisison places to be certified as historic landmarks and included on the State inventory of historic places.  The Commission is composed of seven members apponted by the board of Selectmen for terms of three years.

ATM 1980, Art. 54 [voice vote]

Voted: to establish under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8D, an historical commission for the Town of Wellfleet for the purposes and with the rights and duties provided by law, to be composed of seven members, appointed by the Board of Selectmen for terms of three years, except that the initial appointment shall be two members for one year, two members for two years and three members for three years.

Board Members

Name Title
Maria Burks Co-Chair (06/30/2021)
Anne Freyss Member (06/30/2020)
Daniel Ranalli Member (06/30/2019)
Thomas Siggia Member (06/30/2021)
Lydia Vivante Co-Chair (06/30/2021)
Nickolas Watkins Member (06/30/2020)
Carol Ubriaco Member (06/30/2021)
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