Property Tax Assessments, Abatements & Exemptions

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For information on how property tax assessments are derived, see “Property Assessments Explained”.

For abatement applicationsClick Here.

Forms are also available at the Assessor’s Office and at any Assessor’s Office in Massachusetts.


Tax Relief Available to Domiciled Wellfleet Residents:

$175.00/year to surviving spouses and persons 70+.  Asset limit $40,000 excluding domicile.  No income limit. Click Here

$400.00/year to veterans with a 10% service-connected disability or purple heart.  $1000 if 100% disabled.

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$500.00/year to persons who are legally blind

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$1000.00/year to persons age 65+.  Income limit: $20,000 single/$30,000 married.  Asset limit: $40,000 single/$55,000 married, excluding domicile. 

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Up to $1000.00/year to persons age 60+ through participation in the Tax Work-off Program.  Income limit:  $31,218 single/$40,824 married. 

Call the Senior Center at 508-349-0313 or -2800 for details.

A tax deferral program is available to persons age 65+ with incomes of $40,000 or less to defer all or part of their taxes, to be repaid at 8% interest upon death or sale of the home

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A tax deferral program is available to persons of any age whose financial hardship is temporary and extreme, for a limited time, to be paid back over 5 years

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An exemption is available, at the discretion of the Board of Assessors, to those whose financial hardship is due to age or infirmity 

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Annual Filing Forms

Tax exempt entities: Click Here.

Chapter Land: Click Here.