Shellfish Communications Crier

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Town Shellfish Crier 

May 14, 2018 


  1. Quahog Transplanting 

WSD got a thumbs up from the Shellfish Advisory Board to act on a Brett Morse’s idea of moving quahogs from a difficult to access deep water area off Kellers Corner (north of the no drag line) to other more accessible commercial and recreational areas. We are working with local dragger to dredge up quahogs, which we are placing inshore at Keller’s Corner and at the Indian Neck recreational area. The inshore Keller’s Corner commercial area will be buoyed off and closed for quahogging until August 15, in order to make sure the clams can spawn in their new location and help add to the fishery’s sustainability. We quickly decided to execute this initiative due to the good weather, appropriate tides and because it is before vibrio season will begin. The Selectmen will vote to close the commercial Keller’s Corner area at its May 22 meeting. Please attend if you have insight to share. We’d ask fishermen to respect our intention for the closure starting today. 


  1. Oyster Transfers During Vibrio Season 

The state has renewed the town’s variance that all oyster transfers from harvester to dealer must happen at the Town Marina during vibrio season, May 19 – Oct. 19, 2018. The rule is in effect through the 2020 vibrio season, and there will be a public hearing at the next Selectmen’s meeting at the COA on May 22 at 7 p.m. to update this in our regulations. Please read the state letter here. All oyster sales must happen at the pier unless you drive them directly to your market. All marketable oysters should go directly from the landing site to your original dealer’s facility or a dealer’s truck at the pier. Storing and handling market-bound shellfish at a residence, unlicensed facility or anywhere else prior to delivery to a dealer is prohibited. 


  1. Vibrio parahaemolyticus (Vp) Control Plan  

The 2018 Vibrio Control Plan goes into effect on Saturday, May 19 until Friday, Oct. 19. Please re-familiarize yourself with these important public health and safety protocols by reading the plan here and by viewing these excellent, one-minute videos on taggingicing and shadingre-submergencetransport and logbooks. MADMF is dropping off logbooks to WSD tomorrow, and we will begin distributing them. Or, stop by the office at high tide. 


  1. Grant Inspections and Reminders 

Grant inspections will begin soon. We are not going to schedule different areas this time as everyone is too busy. We will stop by and if it’s not convenient, you can tell us a better time to return. Please rememberAll buoys should be placed in correct GPS boundaries of your lease. Stop by the shellfish office for coordinates, if needed. There are many free GPS apps that you can download to help you make sure that your four corner boundaries are marked correctly. All gear should be tagged (by May 1); tags should be in your name, even if you got them from someone else. With the exception of spat collecting devices, all metal gear should be no more than 18” from the bottom and plastic gear no more than 24” from the bottom. In addition, please note that from now on, we will be requiring separate annual reports for non-contiguous grants, and all grant payments will be billed in accordance with MGL CH 130 Sec. 64 and Town Regulations 7.3 at $25/acre per lease holder. 


  1. Part-Time, Seasonal Shellfish Department Position 

WSD is hiring a recreational fishery and propagation assistant. This person will patrol and monitor the recreational fishery to capture catch data, including providing public education and outreach to recreational shellfishing permit holders, and will assist in monitoring the commercial fishery for compliance with the vibrio control plan. This position will also lend a hand to our propagation efforts to raise baby oysters and clams destined for both the recreational and commercial fisheries. It is 16 hours/week beginning as soon as possible until mid-Oct. Hours are at low tide. Pay is $16/hour. See job description here. Please refer anyone you think would be a good addition to our team! Deadline to apply is May 25. 


Contact Nancy at or 617-901-7193 with any questions, comments or ideas for future Town Criers. Thank you!