Shellfish Communications Crier

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Town Shellfish Crier 

June 12, 2018 


  1. Buoys are Best 

Please take a moment with the good tides this week to make sure that your buoys are present, accurate and well-marked (legible black grant number). We have received numerous calls about draggers on grants, but these areas were not marked with buoys, so there is little we can do. Stop by our office to grab your coordinates. Thank you! 


  1. Spat Collecting Devices in Chipman’s Cove 

We will soon be marking out the area for where grant holders may put Chinese hats and other spat collecting devices in Chipman’s Cove. The area will open for placement of devices on June 15. We are asking all shellfishermen who will be placing devices there to call WSD (508-349-0352) and leave a message letting us know of your intention to use the area and how many devices you intend to place. Users must have a Wellfleet commercial fishing permit and their propagation permit must list Chipman’s Cove as a permitted Spat Collecting site in Section F. Please contact DMF to amend this immediately if it is not on your propagation permit. All devices must be marked/tagged so we know whose each stack is. WSD is asking for a ten percent donation of seed back to the Town for this use. Please note that the state has not yet given us the go ahead to leave the spat collecting devices in past Sept. 15, but we are working on it. The state is asking us to perform a study to demonstrate the late fall set of oyster spat. We are reaching out to a scientific partner to assist us with this. More news is forthcoming. 


  1. Wellfleet Historical Society Museum TalkThe Sealshipt Oyster SystemThe Forgotten History of an Iconic Corporation, Wed., June 13, 7:00 p.m. at the Wellfleet Public Library 

WHSM Board President Dwight Estey will describe Wellfleet’s role in creating the largest oyster company in the country at the turn of the century, complete with national advertising, “co-opetition” and a superior shipping method. Don’t miss learning more about this important piece of Wellfleet’s commercial shellfishing history. 


Contact Nancy at or 617-901-7193 with any questions, comments or ideas for future Town Criers. Thank you! 


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