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Town Shellfish Crier

December 15, 2017

1.The Yellow Buoy Up Means Too Cold to Shellfish

The yellow buoy on the flagpole at our offices on the pier has been up a number of times this week. This means shellfishing is closed due to temperatures below 28°F per state and town regulations. The yellow buoy at the pier is THE guide for whether or not shellfishing is allowed. Please make a point of passing by our offices to see if it is up or down before heading out on the flats. Areas licensed for aquaculture are exempted from this regulation.

2.Shellfish Dept. Needs Your Voices at Board of Selectmen’s 12/19 Meeting

The Board of Selectmen will review the Shellfish Department budget in a joint meeting with the Finance Committee on Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Council on Aging. I have requested some budget increases in order to better monitor our recreational fishery and to jumpstart our propagation program. We would like to add a seasonal, part-time employee and increase our budget to buy sea clam cultch, quahog and oyster seed. Please attend the meeting to let the selectmen know how important monitoring and propagation is to creating a sustainable and productive harbor for all shellfishermen. Call me if you are interested in more details: 617-901-7193.

3.Eastham-Wellfleet Town Line

Important communication from Nicole Paine, Eastham Shellfish Constable, and Nancy Civetta, Wellfleet Shellfish Constable. Please direct comments and/or questions to either or both of our offices.

Due to continuing reports of alleged violations of the town line, we are issuing this joint notice to all commercial shellfish permit holders to reiterate the legal boundary between our towns. The town line is established by two land markers, one on Billingsgate and the other in Hatches Creek, as established in Chapter 258, Acts of 1887. Coordinates are below and a chart is online (not for navigation purposes).

It is your responsibility to know where you are; buoys as visual guides have been previously attempted and found to be unreliable. We expect that you will enter the coordinates provided into your plotters so you are able to see exactly where you are in relation to the actual line itself.

COORDINATES: North to South and East to West

41°52’52”N 70°00’16”W (Hatches Creek marker) – from Chapter 258, Acts of 1887

41°52’45”N 70°01’00”W (On water)

41°52’37”N 70°02’00”W (On water)

41°52’28”N 70°03’00”W (On water)

41°52’19”N 70°04’10”W (Billingsgate marker) – from Chapter 258, Acts of 1887


Contact Nancy at or 617-901-7193 for more information or to share your ideas for the future. Thank you!


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