Shellfish Communications Crier

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Town Shellfish Crier 

September 14, 2018 


  1. Spat Collecting Devices in Chipman’s Cove 

Through the Selectboard, we have officially requested that MADMF extend the deadline for leaving spat collecting devices in Chipman’s Cove until Oct. 20 for 2018, 2019 and 2020, so that the Shellfish Dept. can conduct a study to demonstrate a fall set of oysters. We began the study, with the collaboration of Dr. Barbara Brennessel and Dr. John Portnoy, last week. We are placing an oyster grow bag with sea clam shells in it in the cove once a week for seven weeks. We are analyzing them each week to detect the presence of spat. Thanks to Will Barrio and Adrien Kmiec for the sea clam shell idea! We will advise you as soon as we hear back from the state on a removal date, so you know when they must come out. 


  1. Shellfish Advisory Board Meeting 

Shellfish Advisory Board will meet at 7 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 17 in the basement conference room in Town Hall. The agenda will cover next steps for SAB, special town meeting article 9: acquisition of property at 3 Kendrick Ave., review of shellfish regulation 7.8.1 re: eligibility criteria for grant license and review of shellfish permit fees. 


  1. Oyster and Clam Update 

We planted 208,000 R8 oysters between June and August, and they are growing like crazy. Most will be ready for distribution around the harbor later this fall. We planted 244,000 R8 and R12 quahogs under nets, as well. The relay quahogs from the Taunton River got a clean bill of health after testing on August 13, and we began moving some to the Indian Neck recreational area this week. Plenty will remain in Chipman’s Cove as well. Read this story about Asst. Constable Johnny “Clam” Mankevetch and his efforts for a sustainable shellfishery for Wellfleet’s future. 


  1. Grant Inspection Reminder 

We are busy conducting grant inspections and would like to give you a few reminders. 1) Please put four corner buoys out that are marked legibly with your grant numbers. 2) Remove any gear that is not in use or derelict. 3) If you leave a pontoon or barge at your site, make sure it has courtesy lights. 4) All gear needs to be tagged. 5) Overwintering: Gear needs to be tagged and pumped down to within eight inches of the bottom before the ice arrives (or Jan. 15, whichever comes first). If you leave any gear out, you must come to the office and fill out an overwintering agreement. Thank you. 


  1. Shellfisherman Myron Taylor Art Show at the Library 

Please go see Myron’s paintings at the Wellfleet Public Library before September 21. He is an inspiration, and it’s wonderful to see nature interpreted with his creative eye and hand!  


  1. Town Administrator blog: Here’s the link – please sign up