Recreational Shellfishing Crier

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Town Shellfish Crier 

September 15, 2018 


  1. Quahog Clams Transplanted to Indian Neck 

The relay quahogs from the Taunton River got a clean bill of health after testing on August 13, and we began moving some to the Indian Neck recreational area this weekThere will be clams to dig tomorrow! Plenty will remain in Chipman’s Cove, as well. Sizes range from countnecks to littlenecks to topnecks. 


  1. Baby Oyster and Quahog Clam Update 

We planted 208,000 oysters between June and August, and they are growing like crazy. Most will be ready for distribution around the harbor later this fall, and the Indian Neck recreational area is a main target. We planted 244,000 quahog clams under nets, as well. These will take a few years to reach predator-resistant size, but they are coming your way in the future. Read this story about Asst. Constable Johnny “Clam” Mankevetch and his efforts for a sustainable shellfishery for Wellfleet’s future. 


  1. Recreational Shellfish Openings 

On October 1, all areas south of Indian Neck will re-open to recreational shellfish harvesting. This includes all of Indian Neck, Blackfish Creek and Lieutenant Island. Recreational fishing will be allowed seven days a week in these areas. Chipman’s Cove opens on the last Sunday in October with 0.2 low tide at 8:48 a.m. 


  1. Shellfisherman Myron Taylor Art Show at the Library 

Please go see Myron’s paintings at the Wellfleet Public Library before September 21. He is an inspiration, and it’s wonderful to see nature interpreted with his creative eye and hand!  


  1. Town Administrator blog 

TA Dan Hoort has begun distributing a newsletter to Wellfleet residents, and non-residents who love Wellfleet, to keep folks informed of activities related to Wellfleet municipal government. He is starting out with a summary of Select Board meetings and hopes to expand to more boards and committees and various news of interest. Click here to join his email list. 

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