Harbor Dredging - sample letter of support to legislators

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Please support the dredging of Wellfleet Harbor


Listed below is a sample letter that may be used to send to our representatives in Washington a request for support of the dredging of Wellfleet Harbor.  You may use the sample letter listed below or you may write one of your own.  Please e-mail our representatives to request their support by clicking on the tab below for each official and using the ‘Contact’ tab to send them a message.


Senator Warren:  www.warren.senate.gov

Senator Markey:  www.markey.senate.gov

Congressman Keating:  www.keating.house.gov





Dear ________________  



            Wellfleet Harbor faces a critical problem that threatens public safety, the town’s economy and public access. Unless we act quickly to perform maintenance dredging, Wellfleet’s quality of life and ability to thrive will be seriously impaired. I am writing to request your support and assistance for the dredging of Wellfleet Harbor.


            The present condition of the harbor poses serious threats to the health and welfare of residents and visitors. It compromises the harbormaster’s ability to fulfill obligations to protect and to perform search and rescue operations.  At low to mid tide there is no emergency access to or from the marina. It threatens our town’s economic livelihood both directly and indirectly, and the effect of economic multipliers results in tens of millions of dollars in losses for local businesses, including shellfishing. Wellfleet produces 8 million pieces of shellfish annually, second in the state. The State Division of Marine Fisheries recently noted that the primary threat to Wellfleet’s shellfish industry is a die-off caused by a lack of dredging of the harmful harbor silt. Finally, it impedes access for Wellfleet’s seasonal visitors who come by the tens of thousands to enjoy the wonders of the Cape Cod National Seashore. 


            The first phase of dredging requires the Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the harbor channel. All required environmental studies have been completed and the federal and state agencies involved have approved of the town’s effort to secure the necessary permits. The Chief of the Navigation Section of the US Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, and his staff have visited Wellfleet and agreed with the dire assessment of our harbor. He indicated that the project could begin in September, 2017, if funding is provided. The Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2015 provides 100% funding for this type of project with many towns nationally competing for funding. Upon the President’s signing of the Continuing Resolution Bill in early December, the Army Corps will be given forty-five days to compile its project priority list. I urge you to advocate as strongly as you can to secure funding for the dredging of Wellfleet Harbor. 


Project technical information and photos are available at http://www.wellfleet-ma.gov/harbormaster-marina


Thank you in advance for your willingness to make efforts to secure these funds.