03. Pay As You Throw


The Wellfleet Pay As You Throw (PAYT) program began on December 1, 2013.

The Transfer Station will only accept PURPLE PAYT bags stamped with the Wellfleet logo and PAYT information.  PAYT bags from other towns will not be accepted.

PAYT bags are for household trash only - not for recyclable material

Wellfleet's purple PAYT bags are available in three sizes: 

8 gallon ($.50 per bag; $2.50 for a roll of five)

15 gallon ($1:00 per bag; $5.00 for a roll of five)

33 gallon ($1.50 per bag; $7.50 for a roll of five)

Wellfleet PAYT bags are available at the following locations:  

Shaw's (Orleans)

Stop & Shop (Orleans & Provincetown)

Wellfleet Marketplace (Mainstreet, Wellfleet)

Midcape Home Centers (Commerical Street, Wellfleet)

PAYT bags are not available for purchase at the Transfer Station.

Note: If you do not use the PAYT bags you will be charged a $5 per bag fee at the Scalehouse upon entering.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are income eligible* please contact Health Agent Hillary Greenberg-Lemos at (508) 349-0308 to see if you qualify to receive free Wellfleet PAYT bags. 

(*Income eligibility includes but is not limited to persons who reside in low-income housing or affordable accessory dwellings, enrolled in Medicaid, Mass Health, DVA benefits recipient or any other subsidized health care network, family members accepted in free or reduced lunch fee programs, WIC, food stamps, Meals on Wheels or any other nutritional supplement program).