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The Maurice's Planning Committee on May 24th, 2023, voted unanimously and reluctantly to pull the RFP for Master planning services. We plan to re-issue the RFP after the fall special town meeting. There is no issue with the RFP. However, there are issues with the town's ability to proceed with the work at this time.

The loss of key staff and the failure of the Housing Coordinator position leaves the town in a position where it cannot provide the resources necessary to facilitate the planning process. There remains work that needs to be done on initiatives and projects currently underway that have been provided by departed or departing staff. The planning committee hopes the town will be better positioned to reissue the RFP in the fall, optimally after the special town meeting.

Concerns have been raised over the appropriate funding. Potential respondents were looking for assurances that the entire amount needed had been appropriate. The estimated cost is approximately $150,000-$200,000. The Capital Article had $50,000 for FY23; there is another $100,000 in FY24 in the capital improvement plan, but that still needs to be appropriated and voted on in the next Annual Town Meeting. The town has applied to the County for assistance through ARPA funds, but there remains uncertainty when and if the application will be approved. By law, a municipality can only enter into a contract with a prior appropriation of funds sufficient to fund the entire contract cost. Gary Sorkin suggested asking the Affordable Housing Trust for assistance, which is an option. That said, bids are due on June 21st, and a site walk was scheduled for next week. Some potential respondents have indicated that there have been instances where they have prepared and submitted proposals and then found out that funds were not available. Each response is an investment of resources on the part of the Consultants. 

With the funding and staffing issue, it leaves us in a position where the best course of action is to withdraw the RFP and re-issue it after the STM, by which point it is hoped some of the staffing issues have been addressed as well as an article that would fully fund the master planning services requested and required to make this project successful. 



Ryan Curley

Maurice’s Planning Committee Chair