All Recreation Areas (Except Beaches) CLOSED Through May 18th

Recreation Areas
To limit social gatherings and interactions the Wellfleet recreation areas are closed to the public through Friday, May 1st.  This includes all playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts and the skateboard park.  Residents are encouraged to exercise while maintaining a distance of a minimum of six feet from each other.  Trash cans will be removed from all recreation areas.

While it is an inconvenience, portable restrooms will not be placed at locations in Town until Saturday, May 2nd at the earliest.  The Town does not have the capacity to clean and sanitized the portable restrooms appropriately to limit the spread of the virus.  This date is subject to changed based on updated information.

Signage will be installed at all beaches reminding people that:

They need to maintain a 6 foot distance from each other

For out of town visitors a notice that the Governor has issued a 14 day quarantine. 

Trash cans will be removed from all beaches.  Trash may be contaminated and pose a health risk to staff.  Beach visitors are required to ‘carry in and carry out’ any trash they create and dispose of any trash at home.

Town Buildings
At this time all Town buildings with the exception of the Police Station will remain closed to the public through Friday, May 1st.