Shellfish Advisory Board Meeting - Hybrid

Event Date: 
Thursday, November 3, 2022 - 7:00pm

Shellfish Advisory Board Meeting

November 3, 2022  7:00 PM

Hybrid Meeting: Zoom/715 Old King's Highway (Adult Community Center)



Certificate of service and thank you to Jim O’Connell and Jake Puffer for their service on the SAB.


Review and approve meeting minutes – September 14, 2022

DMF feedback on MA hatcheries and seed production

Regulation 7.8.2 (b) Combination Aquaculture, Research and Development revisions and vote (Nick Sirucek)

Shellfish Department:


      Vote to change the last sentence of 7.22 because it requires a public hearing due to the fact it is grant related.

7.22 Hydraulic Harvesting of Shellfish from Grant Areas

      The use of hydraulic harvesting gear for the purpose of harvesting shellfish from within the boundaries of a licensed area is permitted under the following conditions and with the following restrictions:

Devices used shall be for the hosed ejection of water under pressure into a shellfish bed.

Pressure pumps shall not exceed five (5) horsepower as rated by manufacture.

Noise control device (i.e. muffler) shall be in place and in good repair at all times.

Not more than one device may be used on any grant at any time.

Hours of operation shall be between 7:00am and ½ hour before sunset.

The Shellfish Constable shall have the authority to direct an individual involved in the use of such equipment to cease and desist if the constable feels that there is a problem that necessitates such action. Any individual so ordered shall have the right to appeal the Constable’s decision, once duly advertised, at their first scheduled meeting after the service of such order.

Review and approve Review of 2nd page of appeal process for 7.22 once above change is voted on.

Change town annual report to be MADMF annual report along with the propagation permit application which will count as a one year business plan. Add 10 year business plan to be submitted at grant renewal (per request of some shellfishermen who did not like redundancy of reporting)

Report back from ConsComm meeting re: New HDYLTA grant

Future topics: Beach Nourishment, Annual Fees, Grant Lottery

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