Wellfleet Selectboard ~ Virtual & In Person (Wellfleet Adult Center)

Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 7:00pm

Wellfleet Selectboard 

Note: Start Time of 7pm

The Wellfleet Selectboard will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at 7:00pm. The Chapter 107 of the Acts of 2022, this meeting will be conducted in person and as a courtesy via remote means, per 940 MCR 29.10 and the Town's Remote Participation Policy. While an option for remote attendance and/or participation is provided as a courtesy to the public, the meeting/hearing may not be suspended or terminated if technological problems interrupt the virtual broadcast unless otherwise required by law.

Joining the Meeting:
In-person at the Wellfleet ACC, 715 Old King's Highway, Wellfleet, MA, 02667

Join the meeting hosted in Zoom by using the following link:

By Phone: +1 929 205 6099 and enter Meeting ID: 856 8960 4806 | Passcode: 611877 Landline callers can participate by dialing *9 to raise their hand.

To Participate during public comment:
• Zoom: Raise hand to be called on to speak.
• Phone: dial *9 to raise your hand.

It is at the Chair's discretion to call on members of the public. All speakers must to recognized to speak. If attending a meeting in person, please find the closest available microphone and confine any personal conversations to outside the meeting room. Anyone may record the session but must notify the Chair and may not interfere with the meeting to record it.

Additionally, the meeting will be broadcast live, in real time, via live broadcast on Comcast cable (Wellfleet Government TV Channel 18), also available via livestream or Video on Demand (VOD) recordings at wellfleet-ma.gov


     I.  Announcements, Open Session and Public Comments Note: Public comments must be brief.  The Board will not deliberate or vote on any matter raised solely during Announcements & Public Comments.

     II.  Consent Agenda

  • FEMA Generator Grant, DPW Building ~ Jay Norton/Rebecca Roughley
  • Request from Hog Island Wellfleet to stay open until January 1, 2023, ~ Michael McNamara, manager
  • Board to sign the warrant for the special town election on January 10, 2023. ~ Regarding New Nauset Regional High School Project.
  • Appointment to the Cable Advisory Committee ~ Heather Doyle
  • Appointment to the Marina Advisory Committee ~ James Gray
  • Appointment to the Wellfleet Cultural Council ~ Kathleen Grzewinski

     III.  Public Hearings

  • Shellfish Grant Renewal for Chris Merl, grants #95-19 and #95-20 ~ Shellfish Constable Civetta
  • Shellfish Grant Renewal for Robert Emmet grants #861 and #861-A ~ Shellfish Constable Civetta
  • Shellfish Grant Extension to Grant #2000-6 located on Egg Island for Nick Sirucek. ~ Shellfish Constable Civetta ~ This hearing will be continued until December 20, 2022.

     IV.  Licenses

  • Macs on the Pier (Belvernon, LLC.) ~ Renewal of a one-year license for property

     V.  Use of Town Property

  • Living Shoreline and Bank Stabilization ~ 376 & 400 King Phillip Road, Wellfleet ~ Mark Burgess, Shorefront Consulting; B.S. Ocean Engineering
  • Trash Artwork around Wellfleet ~ Patrick Otton

     VI.  Board/Committee Appointments and Updates

  • Appoint Michelle Olem to fill the vacant Governor’s appointee position on Wellfleet Housing Authority ~ Wellfleet Housing Authority
  • Reduce the number of members from 7 to 5 on the Dredging Task Force ~ Chris Allgeier, Chair
  • Maurice’s Campground Planning Committee ~ interviewing and appointing final members.
  • Cable Advisory Committee Amend charge ~ Chair Curley

     VII.  Business

  • Kayaks at Lt. Island Bridge ~ Banning concerns and reasons
  • Inclusionary Zoning Bylaw Amendment ~ Chair Curley 
  • ARPA County Funding Request ~ Maurice’s Campground

     VIII.  New Business

     IX.  Selectboard Reports

     X.  Town Administrator’s Report

     XI.  Topics for Future Discussion

     XII.  Vacancy Reports

     XIII.  Minutes

  • November 1, 2022

     XIV.  Adjournment










In accordance with MGL Chapter 130 Sections 52, 57, 58, 59, 60, and 62 and all applicable Town Shellfish Regulations, notice is hereby given that the Wellfleet Selectboard will hold a hybrid public hearing on November 15, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. to consider the following:

Application received 9/23/2022 for the renewal of shellfish grant license #s 95-19 and 95-20 consisting of 1.84 acres on Egg Island for nine years, 10 months and 28 days from Chris Merl (Wellfleet, MA). 

Application received 9/25/2022 for the renewal of shellfish grant licenses #861 and #861-A consisting of a total of 1.5 acres on Field Point for four years, eleven months and four days from Robert Emmet (Wellfleet, MA).

Application received 10/13/2022 for a grant extension (to be numbered #2000-6 ext.) to shellfish grant license #2000-6 consisting of approximately 1.2 acres on Egg Island from Nick Sirucek (Wellfleet, MA).

Recommendation of the Shellfish Constable will be available in the November 15, 2022, Selectboard’s packet.


In person: 715 Old King’s Highway (Adult Community Center)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 856 8960 4806 ~ Passcode: 611877 ~Dial by your location; +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)