Selectboard - Virtual

Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 6:00pm

Wellfleet Selectboard

Note: Start Time of 6pm

The Wellfleet Selectboard will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. This meeting will be held via Zoom Video Conference in accordance with the temporary suspension and enhancement of the Open Meeting Law requirements by Governor Baker. Instructions for a Zoom video conference meeting which also allows phone dial-in are given below:

Watch a livestream on Wellfleet’s YouTube Channel located at the following link: 

Join the meeting hosted in Zoom by using the following link:

Audio, video, chat, and screen sharing functions will be disabled during the public session. Request to participate by using the “raise hand” function. Meeting ID: 856 8960 4806 | Passcode: 611877

Raise hand in smartphone app – touch bottom of your screen and select “more” - hit “raise hand” button

Raise hand on computer – hit “participants” button on bottom of screen – hit “raise hand” button on bottom of participants panel

Please make sure you properly identify yourself before speaking, rename yourself by selecting the participants button and choosing “more” (or by holding down on your name on a smartphone app) and selecting “rename” - full, legal names only.

Please join the meeting on time.

You may also listen to the meeting by calling in on a phone to +1 929 205 6099 and enter Meeting ID: 856 8960 4806 | Passcode: 611877 Landline callers can participate by dialing *9 to raise their hand.

You may submit questions and comments to the Town using the following email: Comments made during the meeting via e-mail will be sent to Selectboard members AFTER the meeting.

Meeting materials are attached to this agenda, available online at It is recommended that phone participants access materials in advance of the meeting.

Please follow the following general instructions:Keep your phone muted at all times when not talking; no one is allowed to unmute themselves during the meeting.

Selectboard meetings are NOT interactive.  If public comments are allowed that’s all, comments only, not questions.

If the Chair is allowing comments during the meeting the number of comments will be limited and may be no longer than one minute.

It is anticipated that the meeting will be recorded by the Town. Anyone else desiring to record the meeting may do so only after notifying the chair and may not interfere with the conduct of the meeting in doing so.

Do not use speakerphone; do not use Bluetooth devices; mute all background noise.

Please do not speak until the Chair asks for public comments or questions and you have been recognized by the moderator and unmuted.

After the business section is complete no public comments are permitted.  Future agenda items are from the Selectboard, no one else.


  I. Announcements, Open Session and Public Comments 

    Note: Public comments must be brief.  The Board will not deliberate or vote on any matter raised solely during Announcements & Public Comments.

  II. COVID-19 Updates and Recommendations

  • Any new information given to the town will be communicated at this time.

  III. Business

       A. Capital Improvement Plan, Board to go over all Capital Improvement Plans (including the six-year plan) that were submitted in October of 2020

       B. Discuss Request for a warrant article to be placed for Town Meeting with Wastewater Committee – Curt Felix

       C. Discuss and go over updated/amended Warrant for Town Meeting *town counsel has seen current Warrant*

  IV. Selectboard Reports

  V.  Topics for Future Discussion

  VII. Correspondence and Vacancy Reports

  VIII. Adjournment