Cape Cod Collaborative

Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - 5:15pm

Cape Cod Collaborative
418 Bumps River Road
Osterville, MA 02655
Board of Directors
Fax 508.420.6959
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda / 418 Bumps River Road, Osterville, MA 02655 / June 12, 2024 - 5:15 PM
I. Call to Order
The posting of this Board meeting includes means for public participation through telephonic means.
Attendees may join the meeting by calling:
Phone Number: 929 205 6099 / Meeting ID: 852 2492 1327
II. Appointment of Officers VOTES
III. New Business
a. Programs/Services
b. Procurement Vote(s)
• Diesel and Propane Fuel Price Solicitation Vote(s)
• School Bus Lease/Purchase Procurement for FY2025 VOTE
c. Virtual High School (VHS)
IV. New Business
a. FY24 Reconciliation and Update
b. FY2024 Warrants (44-48) VOTES
c. FY24 Spending Plan & Statutory Budget VOTES
• FY24 Budget Revision VOTE(s)
o OPEB Charge-Off VOTE
o Modified Line-Item Budget VOTE
• Personnel - Additions VOTE
d. Strategic Planning
e. FY2025 Spending Plan & Statutory Budget
▪ FY25 Spending Plan VOTE
▪ FY25 Statutory Budget VOTE
▪ Allocation of $325,407.41 from the General Fund for FY25 VOTE
f. Collaborative Handbooks VOTE(S)
• CCC Policy & Procedures Manual for Public Day Schools VOTE
• Parent & Student Handbook – CCC Public Day Schools VOTE
• Waypoint Academy Code of Conduct VOTE
• Employee Manual / Handbook VOTE
• Transportation Employee Handbook VOTE
• Health Care Procedures Manual VOTE
g. Annual Appointment of School Physician VOTE
h. Personnel Recommendations FY2025 VOTE(S)
i. Memoranda of Agreement (MoAs) – Monomoy / Nantucket / The Nauset VOTES
j. Variables Associated with Out-of-District Transportation Costs
k. Contract with Mary Whalen-Gans Discussion/Vote
l. Contract for Risk-Eraser VOTE
m. Southeastern Collaborative Regional Organization (S-CRO) VOTE
V. Executive Session - To conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with nonunion personnel; Leave
Requests; Public Day Program Administration Staffing
VI. Cracker Barrel Discussion
VII. Minutes - May 8, 2024 VOTE
VIII. Other
IX. Adjournment