Wellfleet Community Forum ~ Hybrid Meeting

Event Date: 
Monday, June 10, 2024 - 7:00pm

Wellfleet Community Forum 

Monday June 10, 2024; 7PM


715 Old King's Highway ~ Zoom


  1. Discussion and understanding of the special town meeting to be held June 17, 2024. 
  • Gestalt Center

FAQ’s for the Gestalt Center 

Why do we want this building?

  • Additional Town office space for now and in the future
  • Dry and temperature-controlled storage for hard copy documents
  • It would cost $1.5 million to digitize the existing documents and for the same price we would get not only storage but additional office space

How big is it?

  • 4484 square feet
  • Full basement
  • Suitable for year-round occupancy

How much land?  

  • 2.2 acres +-

How much will it cost?

  • $1.7 million/$379.13 per square foot
  • The price includes everything but the art on the walls, statuary on the grounds, and the computers currently in the building

Why not build new office space if it’s needed?

  • New office space costs approximately $500-$700/square foot so a building of the same size would cost $2,690,400 (at $600.00/sq ft. to construct, plus the cost of any land should it be necessary.
  • A new building would require the purchase of all new furniture and supplies

How will it be paid for?

  • The cost will replace debt coming off the rolls over the next two FY. 

How will it impact an average tax bill? 


What are the costs to operate and maintain? Historically, Average Electric bill is about $325.00/month (pre covid)

Will we need additional employees? 

  • Not as a result of this purchase. 
  • There is a current need for personnel in the facilities part of the DPW. 
  • An additional Executive Assistant will be necessary for Planning.

What kind of condition are the following in:

  • HVAC - functional and in good shape. 
  • Propane - Heating systems work as they should- Propane runs about $6000/year.  
  • Well - more than adequately serves the facility
  • Septic TITLE 5 in good working order – 1500-gallon tank rated for 500 GPD which is about a 50-seat capacity
  • Wiring – In excellent shape as are the electrical panels

Once we own it, what will happen next and when?

  • The Town Administrator will determine which departments will move into the new space and the schedule for any moves.
  • Going forward, the Town will investigate decarbonizing the building and installing solar panels on the roof

Why not convert the building into housing?

  • The cost of converting it would be more than the purchase price
  • It’s not designed for apartments

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