Approved Conservation Commission Mtg Mins

Meeting date: 
Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Wellfleet Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2020

Remote Meeting

Attendees:  John Portnoy, Michael Fisher, John Cumbler, Leon Shreves, Barbara Brennessel,  and Agent Hillary Greenberg Lemos

Regrets:  Deborah Freeman

4:07 - Business Meeting & Conservation Agent's Report

Mail / Discussion

Barbara Brennessel brought up work being done on Gull Pond Road by Verizon and stated the Conservation Commission was never notified.  There was tree cutting and injecting chemicals (insecticide and fungicide) into the poles below the ground surface.  Agent Greenberg-Lemos stated she believed it was Verizon.  She stated she has tried to contact them.  Portnoy noted that public utilities are exempt from filing under the Wetlands Protection Act, and Hillary said that there does not seem to be any limitation on their activities near wetlands.  It was noted that copper ethanolamine complex was used close to wetlands, despite its toxicity to aquatic animals.

Conservation Trust:  Discussion on Conservation Restriction Map 19, Lot 81.1, 940 Chequessett Neck Road.   

Recycling Committee discussion on single use plastic bottles.  Christine Shreves stated other towns on Cape Cod are joining in the effort to eliminate plastic bottles.  They are doing outreach with businesses as well as recommending using glass bottles and canned beverages.  There will be 3 outdoor refillable locations for water for reusable bottles at Bakers Field, Marina and one for the town hall.  Nips may get a deposit fee and don’t work well in the recycling machines.  Barbara Brennessel moved to support the Recycling Committee’s effort to eliminate plastic bottles.       

Mail / Discussion


Jurisdictional Opinions:  Ronald Kielb,  3187 State Hwy, removal of Japonese Knotweed and Rhododendron by hand was approved.

There is an RDA filed for the April 16, 2020 meeting for additional work.     

Meeting Minutes – not addressed


Roberson, 117 Samoset Rd., Map 28, Parcel 107, NOI, septic upgrade (cont’d)  John Portnoy moved to continue to April 1,2020; at the request of the applicant; seconded by John Cumbler; passed 4-0.

Cohn, 40 First Ave., Map 30, Parcel 124, NOI, install patio to the left of house with a low stone wall, add stone walkway to the right of the house, prune selected trees, and mitigate with planting (Cont’d).  Charles Wentz, of Ponderosa Landscaping, provided information the Commission had requested regarding the amount of disturbance and work performed on this property.  Mr. Wentz requested a continuation to April 1,2020.  John Portnoy moved to continue to 04/1/20; seconded by Barbara Brennessel; passed 4-0.

Chequessett Yacht and Country Club, 680 Chequessett Neck Rd., Map 19, Parcel 115, RDA, repair beach access stairs. The treads  on the beach access stairs are dangerous.  The existing posts are in good condition but all the other elements need to be replaced.  They are trying to not use pressure treated wood and will use green heart stringers and mahogany treads.  Carpenters will work from the top and bottom of the stairway which will eliminate heavy machines and any digging.  A branch will be removed at the top of the stairs but the tree will remain.  Michael Fisher stated that the Wellfleet Select Board has approved his Disclosure of Appearance of Conflict of interest (MA GL c. 268A para 23(b)(3) form and that he is able to perform his official duties objectively and fairly in this case.  Barbara Brennessel requested the materials be labeled in the event it leaves the property during storms.  Barbara Brennessel identified the RDA as a Negative 2; seconded by John Cumbler; passed 5-0.

Wiant, 139 Nauhaught Bluff Rd., Map 21, Parcel 11, RDA, Replace existing lower wood deck with composite materials with same footprint.  There was no representation for this hearing.  John Cumbler moved to continue to April 1, 2020; seconded by Michael Fisher; passed 5-0.

Lay, 335 Forrest Rd., Map 16, Parcel 612, Certificate of Compliance.  John Portnoy moved to grant the Certificate of Compliance; seconded by John Cumbler, passed 5-0.

Walsh, 25 3rd Ave., Map 40, Parcel 75, RDA, Demolish and install deck boards, rubber roofing, new cable railing, deck repairs as needed, custom exterior spiral staircase, replace sliding glass door with slab door with top light, remove carpeting in basement, install approx.. 600 sq. ft. cork flooring, install new treads on basement stairs, replace approx. 64 sq. ft. of sheet rock and paint.

A presentation regarding the project.  Barbara Brennessel identified the RDA as a Negative Three; seconded by John Cumbler; passed 4-0.

Shannon and Reichard, 55 Main St., Map 15, Parcel 123, NOI, enclose area below existing deck to make screened porch, install outdoor shower, and perform interior renovations with no increase in bedrooms. David Bennett represented the property owners and gave an overview of the project which is within the 50’ buffer zone.  This work will bring the dwelling up to code.  The vegetation on the banks provides a food source for wildlife  habitat.  There was discussion about removing invasive species including Rosa rugosa.  Portnoy suggested that the applicant’s proposed beach plum and bayberry plantings were fine for the portion of the bank above the 10-ft NAVD88 contour, but a more salt-tolerant shrub should be planted to form a border at lower elevations subject to seawater flooding; he suggested either native groundsel (Baccharis halimifolia) or high-tide bush(Iva frutecens). Bennett will get back to the agent with a planting plan showing the number and spacing of shrubs by species.  Barbara Brennessel requested quantification of the total area  of disturbance to the property.  David Bennett stated he would provide the information to the Agent.  John Cumbler moved to approve the NOI; seconded by John Portnoy; passed 5-0.

Wiant, 139 Nauhaught Bluff Rd., Map 21, Parcel 11, RDA, no representation.  Barbara Brennessel moved to continue to April 1, 2020, seconded by John Cumbler; passed 5i-0

John Cumbler moved to adjourn at 6:30 pm; seconded by John Portnoy; passed 4-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Bates, Committee Secretary

Materials submitted:

CCYC:  RDA, photos of beach access stairs

Lay:  Request for Certificate of Compliance

Walsh:  RDA, site plan, material list

Shannon & Reichard:  site plan and project narrative