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Town Shellfish Crier

November 15, 2017


  1. Make sure shellfishing gets prioritized in Town planning

This Saturday, Nov. 18, from 9:45 a.m. – 1 p.m., the Town is holding another community-wide workshop to discuss what gets included in its “Local Comprehensive Plan,” a guiding document for the Town’s priorities for the coming years. Many of you attended the Future of Shellfishing meeting in February, and this is a continuation of that dialogue to develop the Town’s goals, objectives and action items regarding shellfishing and create its own chapter in the plan for the first time. We want shellfishermen’s voices to be heard and their business needs to be included in the final plan, so RSVP to attend. It will be held at Wellfleet Council on Aging, 715 Old Kings Highway.


  1. Vibrio results

The Shellfish Department congratulates all of you at the conclusion of vibrio season. Your hard work and efforts to monitor oyster exposure time, use plenty of ice and deliver your oysters immediately to market paid off. We had only two vibrio cases this season (between May 21 and October 16), and Mass. DMF said that the shellfishermen had done everything right; it was just bad luck. Of course, we’ll continue to aim for zero cases, but to put it in context: 4,371,705 Wellfleet oysters were sold in this time period for a value of $2,426,048, so needless to say: YOU ROCK!


  1. Chipman’s opening

Chipman’s Cove opened on Sunday, October 29, and about 40 people between commercial and recreational fishermen turned out on a 2.0 tide with the Patriots playing. Not bad! So far, efforts out there have been consistent, and catches have been good.


  1. Website Updates

Deputy Constable Chris Manulla has updated our website to include important links for all people doing business as shellfishermen in town. Thanks Chris! (P.S. Chris just celebrated 17 years with the department, and his historical knowledge and perspective have been invaluable to me during these first few months on the job – and I know they will continue to be. He’s a real asset to the all of us!)

You will find the following links on our website page’s left hand side menu.

MGL Ch. 130 (State Marine Fisheries Law)

CMR 322 (State Marine Fisheries Regulations)

SEMAC Best Management Practices

Mass. DMF’s vibrio control plan

National Shellfish Sanitation Program’s Guide

Mass. DPH’s Regulations for Fish and Fishery Products


  1. Mass. DMF’s Marketing Program Grants

MADMF is looking for proposals to increase awareness and preference for underutilized and/or undervalued species of seafood from Massachusetts. Priority will be given to projects that seek to address consumer hesitation over trying and purchasing lesser-known, yet plentiful, local species. DMF’s goal is to expand the market and value for these species. Do quahogs need some market push? Should blood clams be the new menu item on top chefs’ restaurant menus? Please contact me with your ideas and maybe we can put a partnership together and submit a proposal for some grant funding.


Thank you!


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