Recreation Programs Offered

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   Basketball Grades K-12 

   K-12 Jan-March     

   Showtime Open Gym Basketball 

   Middle-HS, November-March  

   Youth Futsal (Indoor Soccer) 


   Wave Pool Trip (Middle School Students)                

   February 7, 2018                                

   Ice Skating

   4:00-6:00, February 22, 2018

   Board Games, Ping Pong, Karaoke and More 

   Grades K-2 and 3-5 

   Basketball Clinic

   December -January

   Billingsgate Basketball Tournament 

   March 9-11.                            

   Billingsgate Basketball Roster Form

   Deadline February 28, 2018

   Billingsgate Splash 3 on 3 Flier

   Saturday, March 10, 2018

   Billingsgate 3 on 3 Sign-up Form

   Grades 3-8

   Billingsgate Sponsor Ad Form

   Deadline March 2, 2018

   Rec Night at the Nauset High School Varsity Game 

   5:00P.M.  (3-6 Grade Girls)

   Rec Night at the Nauset High School Varsity Game 

   6:30P.M.  (3-6 Grade Boys)


   $5.00  (All levels welcome)


   Tuesdays 4:15PM-6:15PM


   Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00AM-12:00PM




   Baseball Grades 

   K-2  April-June 

   Recreation Softball 

   K-6  April-June

   Youth Futsal (Indoor Soccer) 


   Adult Pickle Ball Round Robin


   Annual Easter Egg hunt 

   Saturday, March 31       

   Group Tennis Instruction 

   K-5  May/June        




   Recreation Soccer 


   Soccer Jamboree and BBQ 


   Annual Halloween Parade 


   Oyster Festival Road Race 

   Weekend After Columbus Day.       

   Oyster Festival Tennis Round Robin 

   Weekend After Columbus Day

   Challenger Sports Soccer Club


   Splash Basketball Club


   Group Tennis Instruction


   Pickleball Round Round Robin      


   Group Tennis Instruction      


   Brewster Regional Little Regional 

   Ages 8-12




   Red Cross Gull Pond swimming ​Lessons


   Annual July, Adult 5 Mile Race

   July 8, 2018, 8:30AM                      

   Annual July, Kids Fun Run

   July 8, 2018, 10:00AM

   Morning recreation camp program 

   July and August

   Extended Recreation

   July 2 - August 17, 9AM-3PM

   Music at Mayo Concert Series 

   July and August

   Square Dances

   July and August (Every Wednesday)   

   Annual Skateboard competitions and BBQ


   Shakespeare Under the Tent 

   July and August

   Challenger Soccer Camp 


   Art Instruction

   Renowned Artist Neal Nichols, Jr.         

   Tennis Round Robin

   Mondays Only, starting July 9-Sept. 27

Basketball at Mayo Beach                                                               

July and August, Tue.- and Thur.                    5:00PM- 7:00PM       

   Cape Tippin 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

   August 19, 2018