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The following guidelines are to help ensure that slide presentations can be viewed easily by voters, that presenters stay within the time limits for speaking, and that town staff have adequate advance time to include the presentations in Town Meeting visual displays. 

  • All presentations must be submitted to the Moderator for approval no later than 10 days before Town Meeting.   The Moderator's review is for visual clarity and appropriateness only and without regard to which side (pro or con) is being presented.  Presentations may be emailed to
  • Final versions as approved by the Moderator must be submitted to Town Hall no later than 7 days before Town Meeting.
  • Ideally, there should be no more than 10 slides per presentation. A maximum of 15 slides may be allowed for complex proposals.
  • No embedded videos within the slides.
  • No animated transitions between the slides.
  • Complex graphics, maps and visual displays should be avoided.
  • Text should be kept to a minimum and font sizes and styles should be kept simple and legible.
  • Elaborate slide themes, background colors and other distracting elements should be avoided.
  • Presenters should rehearse their presentations and pay attention to the time limits for presentations.
  • Variations from these guidelines when necessary and /or appropriate will be at the discretion of the Moderator.