Wellfleet Conservation Commission

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Event Date: 
August 15, 2018 - 4:00pm

Subrmitted on August 2, 9:20 am

Date: August 15, 4:00 pm


In accordance with the provisions of MGL Ch.30A, S 18-25, as amended by the Acts of 2009, notice is hereby given that meetings of the Wellfleet Conservation
Commission will be held at the times and places set forth below:  Wednesday,

August 15, 2018 at Town Hall Meeting Room 300 Main St, Wellfleet

4:00 - Business Meeting & Conservation Agent's Report


Mail / Discussion

Jurisdictional Opinions

Meeting Minutes


Public Hearings 5:00 pm:


Farnsworth, 125 Pine Point Rd., Map 21, Parcel 54.1, NOI, construct new dwelling, deck, driveway and septic system

Sulin, 87 Samoset Rd., Map 28,l Parcel 112, NOI, replace beach stairs

Lay, 335 Forrest Rd., Map 16, Parcel 612, NOI, remove old cedar piers under summer camp and replace with new concrete block piers

Laurel Trust, 715 Chequessett Neck Rd., Map 19, Parcel 113, AOO, change concrete retaining walls to steel and perform additional vegetation

Cook Family Trust, 420 Lecount Hollow Rd., Map 31, Parcel 600, NOI, relocate existing cottages

Palumbo, 90 Aunt Sarah’s Way, Map 42, Parcel 58, NOI, addition, screened porch and modify decks

Sarazin, 15 Springline Dr., Map 29, Parcel 258, RDA, remove and replace deck, add staircase

Ruderfer, 65 Way 100, Map 41, Parcel 154, RDA, Install 8 x 10 shed

Logan, 409 Eastwind Circle, Map 36, Paracel 251, RDA, Remove damaged pine trees and residual trees cut by Eversource

Malus Properties LLC, 140 Fox Island Rd., Map 28, Parcel 207, RDA, remove existing timber steps and retaining wall.  Install bluestone steps and interlocking retaining wall.  Install additional bluestone and cobblestone.  Planting mitigation

Bowden, 140 Fox Island Rd., Map 28, Parcel 207, Certificate of Compliance