Herring River Restoration Committee

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Event Date: 
June 13, 2018 - 9:30am


Herring River Restoration Committee (HRRC) Meeting

Cape Cod National Seashore Headquarters

Wellfleet, MA

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

9:30 am-5:00 pm




-Approval of Draft Minutes:   May 10, 2017


-Schedule Next Meetings:


            Thursday, June 21, 2018                     HR Stakeholder Group Meeting

            Thursday, July 12, 2018                     HRRC regular meeting

            Thursday, August 9, 2018                  HRRC regular meeting (proposed)


Discussion & Updates:


-HR Stakeholder Group Start-up

-Permitting:  Status of DRI application

-Preconstruction Monitoring

-Legal Issues

-Adaptive Management Plan

-Update from National Park Service (NPS)

-Budget Priorities for FY19

-Project Timeline and Fundraising


-Status of Other Work Program Tasks:

            -CYCC golf course design work

            -LHR berm

            -Cultural resource assessment

            -Hydrologic Modeling           

            -Low-lying property survey/engineering  

            -Secondary management (marsh and vegetation management)

            -Rare species monitoring

            -CNR bridge/tide gate design

            -Mill Creek dike design

            -High Toss Road design

            -LL road design/Pole Dike tide gate design

            -Other LL Roads and Common Driveways

            -Tide Monitoring


Communications/Coordination with Friends of Herring River (FHR)