Charter Review Committee

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Event Date: 
April 21, 2017 - 3:30pm

Town Hall Hearing Room, Basement, 300 Main Street



I. Review of past meeting’s Minutes for approval


II. Business


A. Continuing Discussion of Wellfleet Town Charter continuing through the entire Charter or to whatever point is reached at the meeting, including proposed language for possible revisions to certain earlier sections.


Specifically, the discussion may include revisions to the language of the Charter relating to Sections 8 and 3-6-3, use of all nine members of the ZBA, creation of additional committees, boards, and commissions, the Article in the Warrant for Town Meeting to extend the term of the Charter Review Committee until 2018 to allow the Committee to complete its work, the role of the DPW, review of Committee, Commission, and Board comments on quorum, alternates and Charter language, and examination of materials drafted by Harry Terkanian as a record of the Committee’s discussions thus far.


B. The development of a schedule on how and in what order to consider other areas


III. Future Concerns


IV. Adjournment