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Meeting Date: 
June 14, 2017

Town of Wellfleet Minutes

Energy Committee June14, 2017 1

Wellfleet Energy Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of June 14, 2017

Council on Aging

7:00 p.m.

Present: Richard Elkin, Charles Cole, Lilli-Ann Green, Jeff Tash and Robert Shapiro

Alternate: David Mead-Fox

Chair Elkin called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

A request to tape record the meeting by Lilli-Ann Green was made and the request was granted

by the Wellfleet Energy Committee (WEC) Chair, Elkin.


June 19 Meeting Progress, Participation of other towns, Commitments from presenters,

and Final Arrangements: The presenters and agenda of the meeting was discussed. Mead-Fox

has created posters and the posters have been hung in the towns. Elkin has invited speakers and

has developed the agenda. Tash is promoting the event through digital avenues. Cole is

promoting the meeting at WOMR. Green will bring a computer and projector. She asked that slide

decks be emailed to her. Green asked that the WEC speak with the Board of Selectmen (BoS)

about the event and the directions WEC is exploring.

Power Purchase Agreement with CVEC, Discussion of meeting Liz Argo, CVEC

Administrator, Actions in response to BoS meeting, Current Status: Elkin provided an

overview. A BoS meeting was held with Liz Argo of the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative

(CVEC). A recent Eversource filing with the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) may have

disadvantages for solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). If DPU approves Eversource’s

requests,this would make the net metering arrangement with CVEC not attractive for the town of

Wellfleet. The project with CVEC will need to be delayed until we know how the Eversource filing

with DPU is resolved and the risks to the town are evaluated under any new criteria. How much

money the CVEC proposal will save the town and the risks because rules can change will need to

be discussed.

Meeting of Outer Cape Energy Committees, Summary of Discussion,

Agreement to pursue Solarize Mass Plus Program: Cole and Elkin attended meeting. Cole was

interested in the discussion regarding electric vehicles (EV). There are incentives with terms for

towns to lease EVs that are very attractive. In addition the number of EV charging stations

constructed in the towns are based on the number of leased vehicles. Cole met with S. Thomas at

the Council on Aging to provide her with information. He will talk with the Town Administrator, the

Department of Public Works and the Fire Chief about EVs. A consultant will help the town to apply

for grants if Wellfleet plans to lease EVs. It was suggested that the Board of Selectmen may want

the consultant to provide a presentation to the town.

Tash arrived at meeting, 7:42 pm

Solarize Mass Plus Update: Elkin and Mead-Fox met with other town energy committees on the

Lower Cape to discuss regionalization for a Solarize program. Logistics and ideas were

discussed. Green stated that WEC should discuss these ideas with the Board of Selectmen. She

stated that WEC doesn’t have the authority to meet with other towns, or to regionalize on our own,