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Meeting Date: 
April 19, 2017

Town of Wellfleet Minutes

Energy Committee April 19, 2017 1

Wellfleet Energy Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of April 19, 2017

Council on Aging

7:00 p.m.

Present: Richard Elkin, Charles Cole, Lilli-Ann Green, Jeff Tash and Robert Shapiro

Alternate: David Mead-Fox

Chair Elkin called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

A request to tape record the meeting by Lilli-Ann Green was made and the request was granted

by the Wellfleet Energy Committee (WEC) Chair, Elkin.


Minutes of the March 22, 2017 meeting1:

Motion: Cole moved to accept minutes as emailed with agenda of meeting. Seconded by Shapiro.

The motion carried 5-0.

Comprehensive Plan for Wellfleet: A brief overview was discussed and Green will work on

revisions to the plan. Goals for the categories of individual, commercial and municipal use will be


Discuss Implementation of Proposed Goals: Implementation of the goal for 100% of Wellfleet

homes to undergo an energy audit within five years was discussed. An insert designed by WEC

and approved by the Wellfleet Board of Selectmen for inclusion in the fall tax bill will be paid for

and printed by the Cape Light Compact (CLC). The content of the insert was discussed and Tash

suggested the insert include a link to the WEC website. Elkin will try to obtain data regarding how

many residences have participated in an energy audit within five years and how much of the

energy efficiency funds have been spent on Wellfleet residences. Shapiro proposed a public

meeting to inform people about the availability of an energy audit and its benefits. Elkin will inquire

if the Council on Aging is available on June 19th and ask if CLC employees working on the energy

efficiency program are available to present on that date. He will also ask if the Cape and Islands

Self Reliance Corporation is available to speak about their programs and heat pump hot water

heaters. Green will reach out to a local heat pump hot water heater installer. Green will prepare

promotional materials including fliers, press releases and public service announcements. Tash will

help publicize the event though online venues, Cole will work with WOMR to publicize and all

WEC members will put up fliers for event.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Update and Progress: No updates.

Correspondence: None

Green Communities Next Grant - Status: The grant was submitted and is being evaluated by

the Department of Energy Resources.

Website Review: Tash has posted a number of new and innovative articles to the website in the

past month.

Cape Light Compact Restructuring Update: Elkin provided a brief overview.

New Business:  The next meeting date is May 17 at 7:00 PM.  Cole spoke about Earth Day events planned.  A discussion regarding regionalization and collabotrating with other towns was begun.

Old Business: Cole will write the minutes from the January WEC meeting.

Motion: Cole moved to adjourn the meeting.  Shapiro seconded.  The motion carried 5-0.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 PM.