Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning Committee

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Mission Statement

Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning Committee
To provide a comprehensive strategy for addressing wastewater treatment and disposal issues for the next 40 years and for the foreseeable build out conditions in the Town of Wellfleet.  The ultimate goal of this effort would be to assist the Board of Health, the Board of Water Commissioners, and the Board of Selectmen to ensure protection of the Town’s natural resources and economic resources and provide a strategy for addressing wastewater needs, nutrient loading impacts and implementation solutions.  

Tasks would include but not be limited to:

Task 1: Prepare plan of Study

1.      Review data and initiate the project

  • Review existing data and summarize the findings.
  • Meet with Town staff to present a framework for a plan of study.

2.      Draft plan of study

3.      Finalize the plan of study

Task 2: Prepare Needs Assessment

1.   Prepare Needs Assessment

  • Evaluate nitrogen loadings to the coastal waters to be coordinated with the State’s efforts to develop nitrogen loading limits.
  • Evaluate the smaller properties and properties in low lying elevations for compliance with Title V.
  • Evaluate the land use practices surrounding public and private water supply wells that may endanger the water supplies.
  • Evaluate shellfish closure status and fecal coliform sources to the Town’s marine and fresh waters.
  • Utilize and coordinate the groundwater modeling services offered by USGS and Barnstable County to evaluate contributing areas to the marine waters and water supply wells, and evaluate effluent discharge scenarios.
  • Evaluate existing and future populations through discussions with the Town Planner, evaluation of proposed redevelopment.
  • Evaluate existing and future water and wastewater flows for the Town and wastewater problem areas using Title V flows, and water pumping and consumption data.
  • Build upon the Town’s GIS to develop a Comprehensive Wastewater Management database than can be utilized through out the entire duration of the project.
  • Coordinate with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Cape Cod Commission, Barnstable County, and other regional entities to verify the regulatory constraints for Wellfleet.
    • State, Regional, and Federal regulations, codes, and policies that affect wastewater plans.
    • Funding opportunities to plan, design, and implement wastewater and nitrogen management solutions.

2.  Provide public education and outreach throughout the project

  • Summary brochures.
  • Presentations to Board of Selectmen, Board of Health, Water Commissioners, and other Town Boards as needed.
  • Information kiosks located at several public buildings in Town to summarize wastewater management and nitrogen management options and provide project updates and information

3.  Evaluate and initiate funding opportunities through:

  • State Revolving Fund (SRF) program.
  • Community Development Funds.
  • Water and Waste Disposal Grants and Loans through the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development.
  • Possible establishment of escrow accounts and Town consent agreements to accommodate projects and septic system upgrades that can be delayed until a plan is implemented.

4.  Develop alternative solutions to identify possible solutions that can be implemented in the near future and those that should be considered as part of the next phase of the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan.

5.  Prepare draft and final Needs Assessment Report after review and approval from the Town.

Task 3: Provide overall project management and coordination for the project through:

  1. Staff and meetings.
  2. Public meetings and presentations.
  3. Discussions with Massachusetts Estuaries Project staff who are developing the nitrogen limits for Wellfleet Harbor.
  4. Timely progress reports.

Additional Information:

The purpose of the Plan of Study is to provide a listing of the steps needed for the completion of the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning Project in the Town of Wellfleet.  

The Plan of Study is expected to have the following main uses:

  • Submittal for the DEP review as required
  • Budgeting and scheduling tool for Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning
  • Budgeting and Scheduling Tool for the Massachusetts Estuary Project
  • Coordination tool for both projects
  • Basis for professional agreements for the needed consultant services
  • Potential low interest loan application for the State Revolving Fund loan program.
  • Development of environmental review documents for the project through the joint Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act and the Cape Cod Commission Development review process.
  • Development of public education materials throughout the Project.

Board Members

Name Title
Alex Hay Chair (06/30/2019)
Curt Felix Vice Chair (06/30/2019)
Patrick Winslow Member (06/30/2020)
Richard Wulsin Member (06/30/2021)
Fred Vanderschmidt Member (06/30/2021)
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