Needs List 2017

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Community Housing Needs

1. Complete projects that have been planned –Paine Hollow, Route 6 Habitat Housing and Old King’s Highway Habitat.

2.  Create 114 units of affordable housing to meet the needs of local residents and achieve the State guideline of having 10% of year-round housing be affordable.

3.  Rally public support, understanding and creative involvement in affordable housing initiatives.

4. Maximize the use of Community Preservation Funds to secure an adequate funding base for a range of housing initiatives.

5. Continue seeking grants, and identifying other funding sources and revenue streams for the Wellfleet Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

6.  Work with the Board of Selectmen to gain use of Town owned land within the National Seashore for creation of affordable Senior housing near the Wellfleet Senior Center.

7.  Continue to request Town owned land for development of community housing.

8.  Promote Affordable Accessory Dwelling Unit (AADU) program.

9.  Work with Planning board and ZBA to develop bylaws to promote more Affordable Housing.*

10. Acquire and develop a site that could support a rental development of up to 20 units.*

11. Hire a part-time Housing Specialist.*

* New in 2017


1. Continue current programs while exploring new ways to serve the recreational needs of the town’s citizens of various ages given current growth and changing demographics

* Refurbishing recreational facilities at Baker’s Field.

* Contribute to regional effort to extend bike trail from Wellfleet-P-Town.

* Contribute to regional effort to create an indoor/outdoor multiuse sports bubble at the location of the current tennis courts at Nauset Regional High School.

2. Coordinate with town members, existing groups, departments and institutions in the active pursuit of recreational goals and needs.

3. Preserve and enhance Town owned ponds and ocean/bay beach facilities with water fountains, showers and/or foot showers.

4. Preserve and enhance historic walking trails and fire roads in and around town ponds, ocean/bay beaches & woodlands.

Open Space                                                                                               

1. Preserve threatened resources especially in ACEC land.

2. Protect regional water supply/aquifer.

3. Protect regional wetlands and bordering areas.

4. Protect shellfishing/wildlife habitat.

5. Preserve special and unique vegetation.

6. Provide links with existing conservation land for wildlife corridors.

7. Create/enhance scenic vistas/roadway views.

8. Protect from development and for public access land near ocean, bay and ponds.

9. Seek land for passive recreation.

10. Continue to educate the population regarding the benefits of conservation, and the relationship between excessive growth and ground water quality, waste disposal, harbor health, natural resources and town character.*

* New in 2017

Historic Preservation       

1.   Historic Places

a) Comprehensive update of Wellfleet's historic properties binder ('Form B' inventory sheets -- most sheets date from 1989)*

b) Signs identifying “Points of Historical Interest”  (as seen from the Marina)

c) Locate and map historic brooks and springs

d) Wellfleet Schoolhouses:  A Survey

e) A History of the Fire Tower (1928/1960 to the present)

f) Documentation of Modern Houses  (ongoing)

g) Billingsgate Island (identify relocated buildings)

h) Explore options for preserving the former Cahoon Hollow U.S. Life Saving Station which is in danger of falling into the ocean.  Note:  this is a privately-owned historic building (Beachcomber)

2.  New England Industries   (Wellfleet and the Region)

a) Railroad Sites across Wellfleet  (map and mark, create audio guide)

b) Salt Works:  Then and Now  (monograph)

c) Shipbuilding:  Then and Now  (document the region's vanishing wooden fishing trawlers)

d) Cranberry Bogs:  Then and Now   (monograph)

e) Fire and Ice:  Ice Houses and Finnish Saunas  (monograph)

f) Create an online Historical Maps Room (paper copies, optional)

3.   Cultural History

a) Update 2005 Guide to Monuments, Memorials, and Burying Grounds

b) Document Wellfleet's Native American Cultural History and Folklore

c) Identify and map local Paths, Cart Ways, Historic Vistas

d) A Survey of Local Slang

f) Women's Christian Temperance Union water fountain at Town Hall (plaque)

g) Digitize Town of Wellfleet Photograph Collection



* See Massachusetts Historical Commission's database – MACRIS/Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System